Watch The ‘Entourage’ Cast Join The Seattle Seahawks For Some Disastrous Practice Drills

Everyone has a calling in life. The Entourage movie cast proved as much during this week’s promotional tour. During a visit with Russell Wilson at the Seattle Seahawks’ practice facility, a few of the guys attempted some basic catching drills. The results weren’t impressive.

Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara all gave their best shot at catching tennis balls. Good sports, all three of them. Bad catchers, every one of them. A bemused Wilson stood by and slyly informed the camera, “They’re struggling a little bit.” The quarterback must have realized the video would hit social media, for he graciously added that the Hawks “may have to recruit them.”

Luckily, these dudes still have acting careers. The Entourage movie hits theaters June 3. It will feature cameos by Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Durant, Tom Brady and Jessica Alba.

Where was Jeremy Piven during this little catching experiment? In addition to pretending to actually be Ari Gold, Piven was probably counting his $5 million salary (as opposed to the $2 million paid to the other leads). Or maybe he was hanging with the porn stars.

Here’s another video of Wilson talking about “the difference between actors and athletes.”

(Via For The Win and CinemaBlend)