E.T. Is Back To Learn About The Internet In A Nostalgia-Filled Xfinity Commercial

The E.T. sequel is here, and it’s a short film that doubles as an ad for an internet service provider. The classic 1982 movie from Steven Spielberg is one of the few beloved films to not become a reboot or a franchise, but with Thanksgiving Day 2019 came a short film from Comcast that reunites Elliott and the extra terrestrial he befriended more than 35 years ago.

Entitled ‘A Holiday Reunion,’ the spot features the actor who played Elliott, Henry Thomas, all grown up and with a family of his own. A mysterious light makes his kids go investigate a snowman, which E.T. is hiding behind until he’s discovered.

The commercial is filled with lots of nostalgic nods to the original film — Reese’s Pieces, a young girl screaming when she discovers E.T. and the alien screaming in return. But it’s also a commercial, so E.T. is taught about the internet, tries VR glasses and watches holiday movies with the family using the provider’s voice-controlled remote.

It’s sweet and full of cool moments E.T. fans will remember and love from the film. And this time there are two moonlit bikes helping E.T. get home.


According to Deadline, the ad will run in various forms throughout the holiday season, with the full short film running during airings of the original 1982 film on SyFy on Thanksgiving night. You can watch the entire video above and get a jolt of holiday nostalgia for yourself.