‘Eternals’ Has The First Sex Scene In The MCU, And People Have A Lot Of Thoughts On Whether It’s Hot Or Awkward

[Light spoiler for Eternals]

It took 26 movies, but Eternals has the first sex scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No, this scene from Iron Man doesn’t count.

“You can’t tell a mature love story if you’re not gonna do some kind of…” director Chloé Zhao told Variety about the tender moment between Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) before trailing off. “It’s lovely to see two people show physical affection for each other — a kiss, make love.” The Best Director winner praised Chan and Madden for doing “such a great job… It’s very tasteful. You can feel the genuine love they have for each other.” I’m not sure if “tasteful” is what people want from a sex scene, but then I remind myself it’s a Disney movie and put on Disobedience again.

As you might expect, there’s been a mixed reception to the scene. If you Google “eternals sex scene,” the first result is a Daily Beast article with the headline, “Marvel Finally Made a Sex Scene in Eternals. It’s So Bad You’ll Wish They Hadn’t.” But now that Eternals is out after a year-long pandemic delay, let’s see what others are saying.

There’s the hot camp:

And there’s the amused and/or making jokes and/or awkward fraction:

Have fun watching Eternals with your parents this weekend.

(Via Variety)