Here Are The Most Seriously Unimpressed Reactions To ‘Exorcism: Live!’

As promised, Destination America rolled into Halloween weekend with Exorcism: Live! The special featured a real-life (attempted) exorcism (of sorts) and starred the high-fallutin’ Chip Coffey and the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. Not as promised, the special failed to scare up any true evidence of demonic entities. Thus, the special made “TV history” by being the first live-action broadcast of such a ritual but nothing really happened. At one point, a vaguely shadowy shape appeared on one of the cameras, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

The special meant to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the crazy events that inspired The Exorcist. Coffey and his boys tried to exorcise the the iconic “Exorcist House” outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Technically, this was the first time anyone declared war on the “lurking spirits and demons” that are said to still lurk inside the house.

The team poked their heads from attic to basement, and damn, this was a fruitless experience for both Coffey and the audience. The team felt cold and shivery and “tight” — almost as if something was watching them — or so they said. The backing music was awful, they did not properly end the ritual, and the entire exercise felt like a ratings stunt (which it was). Nothing happened!

Destination America did, to its credit, do well to whip up some Twitter buzz during the broadcast. Would you sleep in this bed?

Yet Twitter was littered with various shades of abject disappointment and comparisons to Geraldo Rivera’s previous stunts.

Maybe a few people were spooked? A few of them at least pretended to be.

One viewer grew irritated that an actual paranormal event could have gone down during a commercial break, but we’d have never seen it.

Mainly, people were unimpressed that they wasted a Friday evening.

Then many tweeters perked up when they realized the paranormal team did not say “goodbye” as the so-called exorcism ended. Were they leaving room for a sequel, perhaps?