‘Experts’ Claim ‘American Sniper’ Will Lose Best Picture Because Of The Fake Baby

In case yesterday’s insider chat with an Oscars voter — y’know, the one who wrote, “Did they want to be known for making the best movie of the year or for stirring up sh*t?” about the Selma filmmakers — didn’t convince you that the Academy Awards are an impossible to navigate HOT TAKES factory, maybe this story will do it for you. A group of “experts,” including the Daily Beast’s Allison Samuels, Indiewire’s Anne Thompson, Deadline’s Pete Hammond, Fandango’s Dave Karger, and Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith, came together earlier this week to discuss this year’s race.

Of the seven panelists, five believe that Boyhood will win Best Picture, while the other two think the winner will be Birdman. Wait, what about American Sniper? Doesn’t Michael Moore’s favorite film have all the so-called momentum? It did, until a jerk baby ruined everything.

The prop baby in the film caused a big stir on the Internet and Hammond believes it will singlehandedly be the reason the film won’t win [Best Picture]. According to Hammond, the story goes that on the day of shooting, the real baby had a fever and could not shoot. The backup baby was a no show and so the notoriously impatient director Clint Eastwood said to go get the doll. And scene.

It’s a good thing toddler Sofia Coppola wasn’t ill during The Godfather‘s baptism scene. If she had been, that film would’ve been a piece of sh*t. In other words, it would’ve been The Godfather Part III, which, it’s worth noting, was also nominated for Best Picture. Dances with Wolves won that year over Goodfellas, proving once again that nothing about the Oscars ever makes sense.

Via Huffington Post