These Fake VHS Covers For Recent TV Shows And Movies Need To Be Real

As a super cool teenager who had sex around the clock, I spent a lot of time in video stores. My buddy and I would endlessly walk around the place, to look at the VHS covers and make subpar Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque wisecracks; we’d occasionally actually rent one. Yes, I did go to prom with a student I barely knew from a different school. Thank you for asking.

Anyway, my loneliness is why I love these fake VHS covers for contemporary shows and movies. They were designed by Julien Knez who told BuzzFeed, “I created them for April Fools’ Day, pretending I was a Parisian hipster named Stan who only watched modern TV and movies on VHS.” It’s not much of a prank, except on anyone who wishes this Guardians mockup was real.

So, it’s a prank on all of us. Here’s a few more.

See the rest of the covers here.