Fall Movie Preview: Maybe 2016 Doesn’t Have To Be An Awful Year For Movies

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way up top: It was a pretty bad summer for movies. We probably don’t even need to rehash the reasons why anymore. But a funny thing happened after the season bottomed out with the mostly abysmal Suicide Squad: Good movies started to appear again. Pete’s Dragon, Hell or High Water, Don’t Breathe, Kubo and the Two Strings, Sausage Party, Morris From America, Little Men, White Girl; All won over audiences and/or critics and all served as reminders that movies could be innovative and surprising at the end of a long stretch of sequels we didn’t ask for and formulaic exercises.

Will this trend carry over into the fall? Let’s hope so. Traditionally a time of year dominated by awards-friendly prestige fare, the coming months also have their share of blockbuster-sized entertainment, including a return to the world of Harry Potter and a new installment in a franchise called Star Wars.

To help you plan your viewing, we’ve prepared a week-by-week guide to the many, many films coming out before the end of the year, breaking out the movie everyone will be going to see and offering some alternatives that might be worth checking out.