Fans Want To #BringInRiker For ‘Star Trek 3’

We’ve already told you that Star Trek 3 is having some fairly serious behind the scenes troubles. Fortunately, fans have a solution: Namely, summoning Commander Riker to direct.

Said fans have rallied around a hashtag, #bringbackriker. A few example tweets, coming as the hashtag picks up steam:

It’s not actually the worst idea. Jonathan Frakes may sit weirdly, but he’s an experienced director familiar with special effects. Honestly, the studio could do a whole lot worse, and if you think we’re kidding, let’s not forget Paramount has a long history of working with Michael Bay.

That said, while Frakes directed the best Next Generation movie, First Contact, he also directed Insurrection, which is… not. Beyond that, he also has the notorious Thunderbirds and the OK kids’ movie Clockstoppers on his resume, which isn’t exactly the best record for one of Paramount’s key franchises.

On the other hand, J.J. Abrams was mostly a TV guy, and it’s not like directing TV shows is somehow worse than turning out ads and music videos. So, yeah, if Paramount goes for Frakes, we’ll be happy with it. Really, all we want is a movie that doesn’t end with a stupid car chase. Frakes can probably deliver that.