‘Fantastic Four’: Get Ready To Facepalm About Why The Thing’s Big Scene Was Cut

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08.18.15 17 Comments

We’ve been talking about Fantastic Four a lot lately (the most recent news being a rumored “come at me, bro” moment between the director and Miles Teller), and today brings more dissection of what could have been. It was clear that an enormous number of scenes from the trailer never made the final cut, lending some credence to director Josh Trank’s tweet about his version of the film being very different. Now we know what one of those scrapped scenes was and why Fox removed it.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with a dozen sources to piece together a long description of a deleted clobberin’ scene starring The Thing. Consider everything from here on out a spoiler (like it matters). Right after the Fantastic Four get their powers, Reed goes AWOL and a title card says “One Year Later.” We find out the other three have been working for the U.S. government as supersoldiers during that year. What Josh Trank wanted to do, according to Entertainment Weekly, is show The Thing divebomb from a plane and do his supersoldier clobbering in a Chechen rebel camp.

We saw some of that at the end of this trailer. The Thing drops in to the rebel camp at night. The rebels surround him and fire, to no avail, as The Thing calmly lumbers toward them, like so:

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