‘Fantastic Four’ Fully Reveals Doctor Doom In Action And He’s Certainly Something

Fantastic Four is ready to dump out into theaters and it would seem that Fox isn’t going to let the wave of horrible reviews keep you from seeing the new take on Doctor Doom. The idea of him being some blackhat blogger with super powers might still be present — I’m not ‘special’ enough for an early screening — but from this clip, he looks like Tetsuo from AKIRA people’s brains are exploding, bullets are just bouncing off the immense power, and Doom does not seem phased.

But looking at this, I started to think about where the influence for THIS Doctor Doom came from. It’s pretty obvious that the comics were tossed in the trash with regard to Doom’s backstory, so where did the minds behind Fantastic Four draw the look and feel for Toby Kebbell’s evil entity?

The face and skin are clearly some sort of fusion between the Negative Zone (?) energies and the space suit you see right above here, but I think there’s a bit more we’re all overlooking in the run up to this film. The new Doctor Doom is nothing more than a tie-in for a new series of films featuring The Incredible Crash Dummies:

It’s pretty obvious for me, so job done, Fox. You got my cash.

(Via Fox)