A ‘Fantastic Four’ Video Explains Why The Thing Doesn’t Have Pants

If you spend any time covering the military, even just their wacky science research, there is no weapons system, no vital tool, no piece of armament the Department of Defense abuses more than PowerPoint. So, kudos to the Fantastic Four marketing team, delivering a painfully funny satire of military presentations, while simultaneously explaining why the Thing is rocking out with… uh… his rocks out.

It turns out that their fancy new suits are containment units that let them focus and use their powers, except in Sue Storm’s case, where they just appear to be tracking units. So the military decided Ben Grimm didn’t need one, since he’s already bulletproof and his power is clobbering. You know, because basic dignity isn’t something you want in your incredibly powerful, impossible-to-control superweapons.

You can also check the whole thing out on SlideShare, just in case the cheese factor wasn’t quite high enough for you. Maybe for the sequel, the Fantastic Four can be sent back in time to stop Bill Gates from getting into presentation software.

(Via ComicBookMovie)