Check Out This (Fake) ‘Fight Club’ Board Game And Read The Opening Of ‘Fight Club 2’

After becoming a modern day classic, many have wondered whatever became of Fight Club’s famed narrator and his alter ego, Tyler Durden. Well, everyone will soon find out when original author Chuck Palahniuk, Cameron Stewart, and David Mack’s Fight Club 2 graphic novel hits shelves on May 27. Meanwhile, Dark Horse premiered the first six pages at Playboy, which can be read down below.

In addition, the comic book company released a cool piece of promo material in the form a fake board game (pictured above), with the four simple rules:

  1. Roll a 6-sided die and advance accordingly.
  2. Follow homework assignments where you land.
  3. No matter who finishes first Tyler wins.
  4. Tyler always wins.

Sure, it’s grim, but what is Fight Club if not grim?


Page one:

Page two:

Page three:

Page four:

Page five:

Page six:

Source: via /Film