Mila Kunis’ ‘Four Good Days’ Transformation Is Even More Striking In A New Clip

Mila Kunis’ latest role is a huge departure from what we’ve previously seen her in, starting with the dramatically different look she’s taken on for Four Good Days. The latest clip from that drug drama. In the clip shared on Thursday, Kunis visits her character’s mother, pounding on a security-laden door and wondering why her key didn’t work.

“We changed the locks last year after you and Eric stole the guitars,” her mother, played by Glenn Close, said. She added “if you loved us” she wouldn’t come back to the house until she was off drugs. Kunis says she is, though her character’s mother asks an important question: “Are you done or are you out of drugs?”

The answer is unclear, with Kunis rambling about how long she hasn’t seen Eric, and “big realizations” she’s had about things her mother has said to her since she was young. Stephen Root looms behind the door as well, creeping in to hear what she has to say.

Presumably, this is the start of the movie’s plot: a four-day period where a mother and daughter work through a fraught history and try to find hope for the future. But Close isn’t as receptive as Kunis would like. “I’ve heard this speech for ten years,” she says, telling her to come back when she’s clean.

It’s another look at just how committed Kunis is to the part here, a frenetic and shaky conversation through a doorway while she chews on her fingers and hopes for another chance. We’ll have to wait and see what happens and if she does get clean when Four Good Days hits theaters on April 30.