Mila Kunis Is Nearly Unrecognizable While Playing An Addict In The ‘Four Good Days’ Trailer

Four Good Days is Glenn Close’s first movie since Hillbilly Elegy, for which she picked up her eighth Oscar nomination (and a Razzie), but hers isn’t the performance that people are talking about. Mila Kunis is nearly unrecognizable in the addiction drama, about a “long-estranged mother and daughter [navigating] the most difficult four days of their lives together in a heartbreaking and hopeful story based on real-life events.”

The Family Guy actress has stringy bleached hair, her face is covered with scars, and she’s wearing “meth teeth,” as Kunis put it to Deadline. “It is really fun to do something so outside the norm. When you go see the best special effects guy, who makes the most beautiful meth teeth, it sounds so weird to say, but you put it on, and you’re like, ‘Well, this is fun to play with.’ Then, you have to be able to teach yourself to speak with this mouth, and not sound like you’re lisping,” she said. “So, that was actually really fun, to walk around the house with this weird meth mouth, and then the physicality of it.”

Four Good Days, which was directed by Rodrigo García (Albert Nobbs) and co-written by García and Eli Saslow (the movie is based on his Washington Post article, “How’s Amanda? A story of truth, lies, and an American addiction”) comes out in theaters on April 30 and on VOD on May 21.