Fox Has Purchased A Sitcom Based On The Tom Hanks Movie ‘Big’

10.01.14 5 years ago 9 Comments

Fox has purchased the sitcom remake of everybody’s favorite movie in which Elizabeth Perkins statutory rapes a 12-year-old boy stuck inside a 30-something man’s body. Much like NBC is doing with Problem Child, Tom Hank’s beloved 1988 Big is going to be resurrected as a television series, from executive producers Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce who previously helmed the now-cancelled Enlisted.

But unlike Problem Child, which is kind of an open-ended concept since the screwball hijinks a red-headed monster kid can get into are endless — Big has a pretty well defined beginning, middle and end. How is this going to work exactly? Variety reports:

The event series, which Biegel and Royce will write and executive produce, follows the message of the 1988 movie and plans to delve into “what it means to be an adult and what it means to be a kid, and how in today’s world those two things are more confused than ever.”

Hmm, kind of like how when my mom was my age she had ten-year-old me but I don’t have kids because sometimes I like to get drunk on weeknights and can’t handle the responsibility of anything that’s not a cat or a dog? Okay. I can see how that concept might be attractive to certain members of the 25-44 demographic. As long as the series never ends with him turning back into a kid in front of his distraught girlfriend because I CANNOT HANDLE THAT HEARTBREAK AGAIN.

Also, mandatory, at some point:

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