Friday Conversation: Which Stand-Up Comic Makes You Laugh Till It Hurts?

02.26.16 3 years ago 61 Comments

Earlier this week, an awesome fan of Mitch Hedberg’s set a donut (and receipt of course) on his grave. It got me thinking about the connection people have with the comedians who make them laugh. From Richard Pryor to Rodney Dangerfield, Robin Williams to George Carlin, there’s a specific kind of comedian for every person out there. When I was in middle school, my dad and I would turn on Mitch Hedberg (this was right as the internet was kicking in) while I did school work and he did evening work. It was a special time that brought us closer with big laughs. So, in remembrance of that kind of connection and the great Mitch Hedberg, we asked the Uproxx staff to think back on their favorite comedians and, more specifically, the ones that made them laugh the hardest.

Andrew Roberts

Hardest I’ve laughed is likely Patton Oswalt’s first comedy album. It was moment after moment that I listened to constantly, with a highlight being his bit on Robert Evans.

My second choice is Richard Pryor in Stir Crazy. Not standup, but the whole segment in lockup is classic.

Jason Nawara

Bill Hicks is someone I keep going back to the well with. Scott Dikkers is someone no one knows. He was The Onion’s long-serving editor-in-chief. And Mr. Show has constantly produced laughs and in-jokes for my friends since 1997.

Gregg Rosenzweig

Sam Kinison on world hunger. George Carlin on religion. Richard Jeni on football refs. Greg Giraldo on pretty much every roast he was on. All equal parts piss and tears. All-time favorites… and all dead way too early.

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