Friday Conversation: What TV Show Or Movie WOULD You Like To See Get Rebooted?

The world has gone god dang reboot crazy these days, as Dustin outlined in this post earlier today. And that list is just the TV shows. It doesn’t even mention the news that Paul Feig is making an all-lady Ghostbusters, or the dozens of other reboots, remakes, and decade-later continuations that have hit theaters over the past 10-15 years. Everything old is new again, and everything “new” is actually based on a popular book or comic. Welcome to Hollywood, baby.

So, with that in mind, here are the rules for this week’s discussion topic:

  • Pick one (1) film or television show that you would like to see get rebooted.
  • If there is no film or television show you would like to see get rebooted, assume there is a man with a gun demanding you choose one anyway, even if it’s just the one that you least don’t want to see get rebooted. Something is getting rebooted here and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. No use being a hero.
  • Provide a short explanation defending your selection, with potential casting preferences if you want.

That’s it, easy-peezy. As for me, I’m taking Columbo, mostly as an excuse to post that picture up there again, but also because it was an awesome, smart detective show that managed to be interesting without blowing up a school bus or whatever going into every commercial break. The tricky part would be the casting, because you’d need someone who could effectively pull off both the humble bumbling and the genius reveals that Peter Falk made famous. I honestly can’t think of anyone right now who could do that, so, uh… let’s just say Vin Diesel because it would be fun. This is at least as much thought as anyone put into those other reboots.