‘Frozen 2’ Is Going To Stream On Disney+ Three Months Earlier Than Anticipated

The novel coronavirus has led to untold blockbusters being plucked from the theatrical release calendar, but there is one silver lining: Those stuck at home with their kids will get to watch Frozen 2 far earlier than expected. On Friday Disney+’s social media account broke the news that the monster sequel to their monster hit would be available to stream by Sunday, three months earlier than advertised.

But why? Do you need more than one guess? As per The Hollywood Reporter, Disney exec Bob Chapek, when explaining the sudden move, didn’t specifically mention the coronavirus — nor that dropping Frozen 2 on their coffers was an excellent way to get even more subscribers — but he did nudge-nudge about their motivation, saying it was coming early “during these challenging times.” Chapek also alluded to the film’s “powerful themes of perseverance and the importance of family, messages that are incredibly relevant during this time.”

So, if you have young ones, they’ll almost assuredly force you to watch Frozen 2, again, and again and again, waking you up first thing Sunday to kick off a Frozen 2 mega-marathon that likely won’t be over until the coronavirus has been contained. That will give you plenty of chances to really notice how, as its screenwriters pointed out, the plot doesn’t even make sense.

(Via THR)