Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Is Delayed Yet Again

You’d think a sexy heist movie starring a charismatic leading man with comedic chops and abs for days would be getting made yesterday, especially with the superhero angle Gambit has. This has not been the case, and now Channing Tatum’s card-throwing days have been put off yet again.

It is still, technically, filming, but now said filming is happening in December, so long of a gap that the director, Doug Liman, is filming an entire other movie just to have something to do. By all accounts, the script is getting “extensive” rewrites, and The Hollywood Reporter hints that it might have casting issues it’ll have to deal with, as well. Maybe Anna Paquin could free up some time?

Despite all the behind-the-scenes struggles, it’s very likely Gambit will get made. Deadpool has shattered every record that exists for R-rated movies, and interestingly, it’ll make a bit more than X-Men: Days of Future Past did internationally when all is said and done. Fox would like to test the theory it can give every individual X-person a movie and see if it makes $750 million a pop, of course, and Channing Tatum helps matters. And if nothing else, there’s a distinct lack of sexy heist movies on the docket, and this is a genre we always need more of.

(Via Comics Alliance)