George Clooney Is Sorry For Ruining Batman But Not For Constantly Pranking Brad Pitt

George Clooney appeared alongside his Tomorrowland cast mates Britt Robertson and Hugh Laurie on the most recent episode of The Graham Norton Show. It wasn’t long before the conversation turned to their appearance at last year’s New York Comic Con.

Back in October, Clooney apologized for Batman and Robin while promoting Tomorrowland in New York. In the above clip, not only does he reiterate how sorry he is, but he also walks everyone through what it was like to work with Joel Schumacher while dressed in 60-pound outfit.

Norton then brought up Clooney’s ongoing prank war with his Ocean’s Eleven co-star Brad Pitt:

The pranking began when Clooney decided to stick a bumper sticker in the shape of a pot plant that said “F*ck cops” on Pitt’s car. Of course, Pitt was later pulled over by the police. Since then, the pranking has continued to escalate between the two — so much that Clooney thinks his newest one could get him in trouble with the law:

I’m doing one now that I can’t tell you about, but in a year you’re going to hear that I’ve been arrested. I’m not kidding, because I think I’ve crossed the line. I have a wife…she’s a barrister. I’ll be fine.

This ought to be good.

(Via The Graham Norton Show)