Back Off Man, These Are Peter Venkman’s Top ‘Ghostbusters’ Quotes

Whether you like or don’t like Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot, you have to admit that it’s going to feel weird to see Bustin’ going on without the presence of Dr. Peter Venkman. Thankfully, however, we’ll always have the first two films (back off, man, I’m classifying Ghostbusters 2 as a good thing) to remind us of Murray’s dominance in what may be his greatest role. So, with that in mind, here are Peter Venkman’s best quotes from the first film.

“I don’t know. I don’t know.” 

As Ray freaks out about the gang’s dimming career prospects in light of getting canned from the university, Pete has a crazy, “let’s join the circus” kinda look on his face that is only enhanced when he takes slugs off of a bottle of bad idea juice. Where’s the money coming from? He doesn’t know, but he has faith in a robust return on the adventure they’re about to throw themselves into.

“You’re not gonna lose the house, everybody has three mortgages nowadays.”

Pretty sure that this was the corporate slogan for some of the banks prior to the sub-prime mortgage crisis. #TopicalHumor

“Back off man, I’m a scientist.”

You can insert any job title in there. Feel free to try it next time someone gets up in your jam.

“Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back.”

It’s not the sarcasm, it’s Bill Murray’s ever-so-slight palpable physical discomfort when Ray’s proton pack gets switched on — first shifting to the wall, then towards the door of the elevator so he can get the hell off. You imagine that that isn’t the kind of thing that’s in the script.

“He slimed me.”

All the kids love the “slimed” line, but I’m preferable to the field report that Pete files while on his back like a turtle with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator for a shell: “I feel so funky.”

“Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon.”

The highlight of this clip is really Egon’s dead-serious recitation of the risks involved with crossing the streams — a perfect contrast to Murray’s smart ass response and a moment that, of course, pays off later on.

“The flowers are still standing!”

If you haven’t done this, you sure as sh*t have daydreamed about doing it.

“We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”

Nothing wrong with a little bit of self-promotional boasting after the work is done. This is a time before Yelp and the internet, good on Pete Venkman for trying to generate some good word of mouth.

“That’s the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there” – Dana Barrett

“What a crime” – Peter Venkman

Murray’s funniest lines with Sigourney Weaver came when she was levitating a few feet off of her bed, but this one is kind of prime ‘Game Show Host” Venkman and it represents the unofficial/official start of their courtship.