The Golden Globes Attempt To Avoid Another Treacherous Red Carpet In The Face Of A Historic California Rainstorm

01.07.17 2 years ago


The red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards has been a bit of a disaster for the past few years, with little of it having to do with the actual celebrities arriving at the event. You’d expect it to be a parade of egos complaining, but the bulk of the trouble has been with logistics and unforeseen accidents. 2014 saw a sewage pipe burst and drench the red carpet, followed by the confusion around shuttles that plagued the 2015 awards showcase. This year, the awards are doing their best to avoid any of those mishaps with some key planning, but they also now have to contend with the unpredictability of nature according to The Hollywood Reporter.

California is currently looking at their largest storm in over a decade, right in the middle of Golden Globes weekend. The show might be able to squeeze in before the system moves south from Northern California, but the description for the storm are definitely enough to make the producers worry a little:

The National Weather Service describes an atmospheric river as columns of vapor somewhat akin to a “river in the sky.” Much of the state is bracing for heavy rains that could bring flooding, avalanches, blizzards and road closures. The brunt of the storm will be felt in Northern California, but rain is expected on Saturday and Sunday evening in Southern California as well.

Robbie Munroe, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service based in Oxnard, Calif., told The Hollywood Reporter that they did expect somewhere between half an inch to an inch of rain late Sunday night heading into Monday morning. “It is unlikely that we would see this rainfall early enough to have a large impact,” he said.

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