A New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Trailer Dropped During The Golden Globes

A new Beauty and the Beast teaser dropped during the Golden Globe awards giving us our first chance to hear one of the film’s famous songs.

The latest TV spot for Disney’s live-action remake of the beloved classic aired during this year’s awards show and, while sporting a few new scenes and some better looks at Dan Steven’s Beast, the short clip stands out mainly because it marks the first time we get to hear Emma Watson stretch her vocal chops.

Watson is probably the perfect choice to bring the bookish heroine Belle to life but, until now, fans had no idea how she’d handle the more musical requirements of the role. Well, it sounds like we shouldn’t have worried. The new trailer features the actress giving voice to one of the film’s most famous tunes — the movie’s opening number.

Along with Watson’s melodic musings, we also get a better glimpse of the animated characters including Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere and Cogsworth and a few scenes of Watson giving us serious Sound of Music vibes as she belts it out on the side of a mountain while wearing a frilly blue frock.

The one thing missing in all this? More scenes of Luke Evans as the dastardly Gaston and Josh Gad as his lovable crony Le Fou. Those two deserve their own evil buddy comedy flick. Get on it Disney.