Good Luck Sleeping Tonight Because These ‘Mad Max’/’My Little Pony’ Mashup Dolls Are Nightmare Fuel

Hemingway’s For Whom The Bell Tolls, HBO’s The Jinx, the Mutter Museum, Warhol’s Oxidation paintings, Tinder: The list of things that exist at the intersection of “beautiful” and “horrifying” is short, if not powerful.

An artist on Tumblr recently posted an offering that aims to use its war machine to plow itself straight into that exclusive club. User SaveTheWailes applied polymer clay, acrylic, leather and faux fur to transform the innocent dolls of the My Little Pony franchise into nightmare fuel fit for George Miller’s dystopian wasteland in Mad Max: Fury Road.

The artist notes that the mesmerizing hybrid figurines will be available for purchase at the forthcoming Awesome-Con in Washington D.C. from June 3-5. So, if you want to build a diorama for the nursery of a demon child  or plan ahead and pick up a killer holiday gift for the beloved Brony in your life, these little…things…can be yours.

(Via Geeks Are Sexy, SaveTheWailes Tumblr)