Men’s Rights Activists Were Trolled With Lines From ‘Good Will Hunting’

To quote Leslie Knope, men’s rights is nothing, but it’s sure fun to mess with men’s rights activists. We had a good time mocking the “heterosexual, masculine” dudes who boycotted Mad Max: Fury Road because of its “feminist propaganda,” and last night, Scaachi Koul cleverly trolled some MRAs.

The author and BuzzFeed Canada reporter, who regularly writes about race and gender issues, tweeted: “what if i just start quoting lines from robin williams’ speech in good will hunting to these MRA fellers?” So she did.

It’s some really good Twitter entertainment.

It keeps going and going…

Koul’s targets never picked up on what she was doing, despite the specificity of her responses and the fact that “it’s not your fault” is one of the most widely quoted movie lines in recent memory. One problem, though.

Still works.

And my personal favorite:

They still had no idea they were being trolled, even though Koul kept up the bit for dozens of tweets. It was a win for everyone, except whiny guys with Twitter names like Men R Human #5519, but especially for Koul, who now knows every line of Good Will Hunting. I’m sure that will come in handy.

Unlike MRAs, that’s not nothing.

(Via the Concourse)