Watch A Bear Fight A Supervillain In A New Trailer For Russia’s ‘Avengers’ Knock-Off, ‘Guardians’

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01.12.17 5 Comments

Who doesn’t love bears? Well, aside from the people mauled by them. But if you’re making a rather expensive movie, throwing a bear or two in there would probably be a good idea. It’s advice Russian filmmakers seem to have taken to heart with Guardians, an Avengers knockoff we’ve covered before. But that only had were-bear action! This trailer has the full bear monty, and proves Russia believes in the right to arm bears, to boot.

The plot seems to be standard superhero business. During the Cold War, a scrappy band of Russian patriots from across the country volunteered for a program to make them superheroes, only for glasnost and excessive government debt to put the program in mothballs. Decades later, they come out of retirement to fight off what appears to be a boss from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, who is building a tower. We assume it’s a nefarious tower, because otherwise Russian zoning meetings are far more violent than we thought.

Joking aside, the movie looks the kind of amusingly goofy you can enjoy on Netflix, but it’s not clear when it might be showing up in the U.S. But really, do we need anything other than the trailer and its bear fights?

(via YouTube)

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