Russia’s ‘Avengers’ Knock-Off ‘Guardians’ Looks Even More Bonkers In A New Trailer

Anybody who went into Hardcore Henry knows that, if nothing else, Russian action movies can be fairly nuts. Guardians, better known in America as “that Russian movie with the bear-man toting a Gatling,” has just dropped its first full trailer to prove the point. And if you were thinking it might somehow manage to ruin the fun by making any sense at all, don’t worry, they know their audience.

Called Zashchitniki in its native country, the plot of the movie is about what you’d expect. During the Cold War, Russian patriots underwent experiments that turned them into telekinetic wizards, invisible ninjas, Winter Soldier knock-offs, and bear-men toting Gatlings. That pesky glasnost spelled retirement for them all, but Russia, under threat by guys who have a bunch of lenses in their ski masks and are aided by robot sidekicks, has need of its guardians again. Mostly to see them do stuff like this:

If nothing else, the computer effects look good, and it’ll be interesting to see what the Russian version of the Avengers will be like. Besides, you can’t find a CGI bear-man toting a Gatling in most movies, even if it would vastly improve all of them.

(Via YouTube)