James Gunn’s Shortlist Of Star-Lord’s Possible Dads Includes A Message For North Korea

Plenty of celebrities posted their thoughts on social media about Sony completely shelving The Interview in response to hacks and terrorist threats likely originating from North Korea, but James Gunn’s response is our favorite. The Guardians of the Galaxy director posted a picture on Facebook with his most recent edit to his list of Star-Lord’s possible fathers.

Chris Pratt’s character may have been fathered by Galactus (nice), J’son of Spartax, Tony Stark from the future, Martinex, Howard the Duck, Ben Parker, Luke Skywalker, and Kevin Bacon, but now we know one guy who is ruled out. Kim Jong Un, you’re officially on notice.

We hope it ends up being Kevin Bacon. And there’s one guy I think we can definitely rule out.

Rocket Raccoon, in the case of 426-month-old Peter Quill… you are… NOT the father.