Harley Quinn Was Going To Have A Larger Role In ‘Arrow’ Until ‘Suicide Squad’ Changed Everything

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05.25.15 20 Comments

Before Margot Robbie was killing it on the set of Suicide Squad, the Harley Quinn character had a fun cameo in the Season 2 episode of The CW’s Arrow titled “Suicide Squad.” If you weren’t following the episode when Dan liveblogged it, the show featured scenes with a member of Task Force X, a pigtailed blond character in an ARGUS jumpsuit, with her back to the camera, at one point yelling from a cell — in a very familiar voice — that she’s a trained therapist. She was credited as “Deranged Squad Female” and played by Cassidy Alexa but voiced by frequent Harley Quinn voice actor and sometimes Harley Quinn cosplayer Tara Strong.

Producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg confirmed the character was Harley, as did stars Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) and Michael Rowe (Deadshot). Rowe even posted a picture of Cassidy Alexa hashtagged “Harley Quinn” on Instagram:

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