Harrison Ford Is Having Nothing To Do With The Han Solo ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Movie

Harrison Ford is back blasting stormtroopers and dropping cranky one-liners in Star Wars: The Force Awakens like it’s still 1977. Considering how all-in he seems to be for the latest film, he must also be pretty involved in the Han Solo spin-off movie, right? Well, don’t count your Han Solos before they hatch.

When asked by Reuters about the Han Solo movie, Ford has this to say…

“I’m sure whoever is responsible for that film, and I’m not, will think through the issues and problems of doing such a thing. Let’s make them responsible for those questions you might think to ask me [about the Han Solo movie] because I’m not involved.”

Well, okay then, but maybe Ford could at least play a role behind the scenes? Give one of the 2,500 hopefuls who finally gets picked some tips on being Han Solo?

“No, I’m not going to do that.”

Ouch. Unless your Star Wars movie is a core numbered episode, Harrison Ford apparently has no time for you. Of course, if the kid who plays young Han Solo needs some guidance, they can just watch Harrison Ford verbally shooting first in interviews like this one.

(Via Reuters)