Harvey Weinstein Has Allegedly Seen Judi Dench’s Famous Butt Tattoo

If you’ve ever heard of producer extraordinaire Harvey Weinstein, that’s because he has a hand in just about every nominated and award-winning film made in the past few decades. While visiting The Graham Norton Show, he talked about one of the many award nominees and winners whose career he helped shape — Dame Judi Dench. Yet her case is special, because Dench demonstrated her appreciation to Weinstein in a unique way: she got his name tattooed on her ass.

Specifically, Dench revealed her flesh-worn testament to Weinstein while they were dining with other Hollywood luminaries at a really, really fancy restaurant. The actual tattoo reads “J.D. Loves H.W.” and, according to Dench, has only been seen by two people up close: Weinstein and Oprah Winfrey. Is seems the esteemed British actress found the one thing left to give someone who pretty much has everything.

(Via BBC)