Here Are Some Easy IKEA Instructions On How To Assemble Your Favorite Horror Movie Killers

These little pop culture gems come from artist Ed Harrington and you can only hope there are more on the way. Harrington’s website and Tumblr feature a bunch of other great pieces, all taking a more comedic spin on pop culture favorites.

There’s Han Solo buying lint rollers to deal with all that excess Wookie fur, Beauty and The Beast re-enacting Silence of the Lambs, and a very twisted look at how Alice from The Brady Bunch REALLY took care of the family.

They’re all pretty clever, but I’m partial to the horror characters (even if Edward Scissorhands isn’t really horror). Sadly, here are quite a few missing. Where is Freddy or the critters from Critters? I’d even take the floating death orbs from Phantasm, although I could seriously seem them on sale at IKEA in real life.

The set is embedded below, but do yourself a favor and go see the other stuff. Well worth it.

(Via Ed Harrington / Sploid / XombieDirge)