Here Are The 10 Highest- (And Lowest-) Grossing Movies Of 2014

If The Gambler somehow brings in $990 million this week, it still wouldn’t be the highest grossing movie of 2014. Hell, it wouldn’t even be Mark Wahlberg’s number-one movie of 2014. Just how much money did Transformers: Age of Extinction make? Put it this way: you know how computers explode when you ask them to define “love”? That’s my brain when I saw this.

If you go by domestic box office only, Trans4mers finished fifth behind Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The LEGO Movie. All of those films are superior to Michael Bay’s metallic orgasm, proving once and for all, f*ck you, China. What are you gonna do, hack us? Been there, done that.

Two more things:

1) Chris Pratt had a really good 2014.

2) Here’s the bottom-10:

Mr. Pip stars Hugh Laurie as Mr. Pibb’s British uncle.

Via Box Office Mojo

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