Listen To What Jennifer Lawrence’s Singing Voice Really Sounds Like In ‘Mockingjay’

Hordes of Hunger Games fans have been storming the theater this weekend to watch the first half of the final installment in the trilogy and already, one of the most talked about scenes — besides that disturbing ending — is one that star Jennifer Lawrence didn’t want anyone to see.

The girl who plays The Girl on Fire hasn’t been shy about sharing one of her least favorite parts of the film, the one in which she croons “The Hanging Tree,” a song Katniss Everdeen’s father used to sing to the Mockingjay. Lawrence admitted to breaking down in tears on the day of filming and even tried to convince director Francis Lawrence to get Lorde — who curated the soundtrack for the film — to the sing the song for her so she could lip sync it on-screen later.

But filmmakers insisted and she did sign a contract so in the end, so Lawrence sucked it up and belted out the haunting tune which centers on a tree, a hanged man and his lover. It’s pretty dark and Lawrence doesn’t sound half bad and her raspy voice carries the tune, composed by The Lumineers. But we shouldn’t be surprised. If the Oscar Winner could do Shakespeare, she can probably do pretty much anything.

(Via The Hunger Games)