Legendary Video Game Creator Hideo Kojima Praises ‘Dune: Part Two’ For Delaying The ‘Spread’ Of Streaming Films

Iconic video game creator Hideo Kojima has unleashed a glowing review of Dune: Part Two. Not only did Kojima enjoy the latest installment from director Denis Villeneuve, but he believes the film just delivered a crucial blow against the encroaching prominence of streaming platforms.

Kojima, who famously created the Metal Gear Solid series and the burgeoning Death Stranding franchise featuring Norman Reedus, was convinced that he was doomed to a future of watching movies on a streaming app. Dune: Part Two quickly changed his mind.

“My rigid ways of thinking crumbled like sand,” Kojima said before echoing others who’ve called the Dune sequel a “masterpiece.”

Via Hideo Kojima on Twitter:

It meticulously depicts the non-existent world of Arrakis, bringing it to life with unprecedented detail and realism. While portraying revolution and love, fear and awe on the same axis, it magnificently captivates destruction and aestheticism in beautiful layers. This fim shouts, “This is cinema!” and provides the “spice” that we need to live. This masterpiece of Denis will likely become a “resistance” that will significantly delay the spread of subscription services.

The eclectic video game creator has been on a movie-reviewing tear recently. Earlier in the month, he defied the critical consensus by going to bat for Aryglle.

“The film is full of twists, turns, overdone shocks, and surprises!” Kojima tweeted. “The foreshadowing is also recovered in such a way that it fits together like an argyle. A first-rate filmmaker deceives the world. Very satisfying. Recent espionage films have become too realistic. I want a spy movie that is pop, stylish, silly, romantic, and cute like 007 in the golden age.”

However, Kojima was less than enthusiastic about Madame Web. Sticking to the old maxim of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” Kojima simply wrote, “Saw ‘Madame Web’ at the theater.” That was it. That was literally the whole tweet.

Dune: Part Two is now playing in theaters.

(Via Hideo Kojima on Twitter)