Celebrate Alfred Hitchcock’s Birthday With These Surprising Pop Culture References

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Alfred Hitchcock—master of suspense and… fearer of eggs. In a 1963 interview with Oriana Fallaci, Hitchcock declared himself one of “the most fearful and cowardly men you’ll ever meet” and, as proof, he offered up his ovophobia. “That white round thing without any holes, and when you break it, inside there’s that yellow thing, round, without any holes…. Brr!”

In the Fallaci interview, Hichcock also claimed to be frightened of his own movies and to hate suspense; he couldn’t stay in the kitchen when his wife made a soufflé (apparently, eggs in soufflés are okay) because the pressure of whether or not it would rise was too much for him.

Although a self-proclaimed chicken and a little cracked (all the egg puns!), Hitchcock knew suspense in a way unmatched by most film directors and, because of that, his work stays alive in the projects of other artists. Check out some of the best and also the most unexpected Alfred Hitchcock homages in pop culture on this, the day that would have been his 116th birthday.

“Bad Romance” and “Born This Way”

Lady Gaga loves her some Hitchcock. The lyrics of “Born This Way” use the titles of his more famous films to solicit anal sex: “I want your Psycho/Your Vertigo stick/Want you in my Rear Window/Baby, you’re sick.” One can only hope those lyrics are on a valentine somewhere.

She doesn’t just bring him in for lyrics, the opening of “Born This Way” samples the theme music for Vertigo, which is ironic since that movie is all about a woman being someone she wasn’t born to be.

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