Hollywood Luminaries Like Denzel Washington And Amy Adams Make The Case For Why Film And TV Matters Now

As you may have noticed from the mountain of gift bags in your living room and the faint odor of luncheon catering in the air, award season is in full effect. In addition to giving Ryan Gosling endless functions to get gussied up for, there tends to be a reliable cavalcade of segments, speeches, montages and musical numbers dedicated to the importance of film/TV/ferret breeding, etc. That’s why we offer a hearty thanks to the American Film Institute for just asking a bunch of incredibly successful people in film and television why the art forms matter right now and cutting out the middleman. In a period where there’s a lot of worry about what’s next, the question has is laced with added resonance.

Denzel Washington, Donald Glover, Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood are just some of the talents that provided their response in this efficient slice of video taped at the AFI AWARDS 2016 luncheon. As a result, the collection of viewpoints is made up of people beyond this year’s most critically fêted fare.

“It becomes sort of like a stamp of the times,” explains Atlanta mastermind Donald Glover. “Like this is what was happening and this is how people were feeling like in ‘old 2016.’”

Clocking in at just under two-and-a-half minutes, this AFI offering makes for an interesting blend of perspectives on the subject. Sadly, no one mentions Monster Trucks, the real reason cinema needs to exist.

(Via IndieWire)