‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’, AKA The Space Avengers, Gets A Brutally Honest Trailer

Screen Junkies’ newest Honest Trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy is brutally honest… about DC Comics moreso than about Marvel. But they give Marvel a little time in the barrel about “The Space Avengers”, too..

“Oh, you like superheroes? Well how about a movie that stars a f*cking raccoon and a f*cking tree?”

“You like Vin Diesel? Yeah, well we cast him, and he only says one f*cking line.”

You want more pedigreed actors? We’ll put them in stupid outfits and make them say space bullsh*t. […] Hey, remember that chubby idiot from Parks and Rec? We’re going to turn him into a sex symbol. That would be hilarious.”

“Remember the worst movie, we ever made, Howard The Duck? Stick that after the credits when everyone’s expecting Avengers 2. It’ll totally f*ck with our fans, and they’ll love it anyways.”

And we do love it. We love it so much.

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Via Screen Junkies