The Smoothest Twitter Reactions To A ‘James Bond’ Author Calling Idris Elba Too ‘Street’ To Play Bond

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Anthony Horowitz, the author of the new James Bond book, Trigger Mortis, did a recent interview about his first foray into the world of 007. Horowitz let fly that he wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of Idris Elba stepping into Bond’s well-heeled shoes once Daniel Craig makes good on his mumbles to leave the franchise. Horowitz is free to have an opinion, of course, but his explanation has caused some massive waves:

“Idris Elba is a terrific actor, but I can think of other black actors who would do it better. For me, Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part. It’s not a colour issue. I think he is probably a bit too ‘street’ for Bond. Is it a question of being suave? Yeah.”

This isn’t the first time someone associated with the franchise has dropped such a bomb. Roger Moore reportedly said the very English Elba wasn’t English enough to play the role. Moore attempted to backtrack with a “lost in translation” excuse, but too late.

Sadly, even Idris Elba feels skeptical about the prospect of playing Bond. He witnessed the news cycle feeding the rumor, which is “really starting to eat itself.” He thinks we’ve jinxed his chances, but the public will not take “no” for an answer. Elba would be the most interesting man (Jason Statham aside, but he’s too dangerous) for the role. Sure, Bond bookies raised the odds on “safe” prospect Damian Lewis, but Idris Elba as James Bond is what the Internet wants.

Naturally, Twitter reacted to Horowitz’s statements with a fine range of head shakes:

(Via The Daily Mail)