Here’s The Story Behind The Wild Outing In Jonathan Levine’s ‘The Night Before’

The Night Before — the new Christmas comedy starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie — details the holiday tradition of a group of friends over the course of several years and their last night before splitting up in their respective lives. And while it seems like your typical fictional tale, there’s a line of reality throughout the film.

Director and co-writer Jonathan Levine notes that he was inspired to make the movie based on both what he deemed the relative lack of such flicks for his generation as well as the desire to reach out to those who felt in some way left out around the holidays. What better way to solve both problems than to devise a new movie that gives its cast of characters plenty of ground to cover as they embark on the final year of their annual holiday adventures?

We all go through those moments in life when the changes we experience managed to take us away from the comforts of the past. That’s what The Night Before attempts to cover with its story.

Watch the video above to see Levine detail his inspiration behind the creation of The Night Before and how he hopes his movie sparks a new holiday tradition.