Burger King Russia Wants ‘It’ Banned Because Pennywise Looks Too Much Like Ronald McDonald

Nothing says “YUM, BIG MACS!” quite like Pennywise’s reign of terror, torture and torment in the horror box office smash It. What’s that? You didn’t want to have the fast food giant’s McNuggets rain down on your face after getting out of It? Well, Burger King Russia thinks Pennywise doubles as “an exact copy” of McDonalds spokesclown Ronald McDonald and they want the Stephen King adaptation banned as a result.

Here’s a friendly reminder of what Ronald McDonald looks like for reference.

Getty Image

Newsweek reports that the Russian financial publication Vedomosti shared a complaint Burger King filed with the country’s anti-monopoly board. Burger King Russia alleges It is flagrant free advertising for its competitor McDonald’s. Pennywise’s look and promise of balloons are cited as examples of how Ronald and Pennywise aren’t so different. No word yet on if Wendy’s red hair would be considered to Pennywise-esque for their liking.

Russian audiences haven’t really had to worry about never seeing It. Andy Muschietti’s film has already been in theaters since early September and Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service has indicated that they will investigate the matter to determine if there’s cause for a ban. Regardless of the ruling, consider this a warning to any major Hollywood studio that plan to feature Grimace as an instrument of evil.

(Via Newsweek)