Get Your Milk Gallons Ready, ‘Jackass 4.5’ Will Finally Hit Netflix In May

While promoting Jackass Forever, the cast of the cringe-worthy but lovable stunt movie confirmed that they had filmed enough content for not one but two movies of men (and now a woman!) hurting themselves for comedy. Finally, the extended edition of Jackass Forever will debut next month, with all-new stunts and footage.

Jackass 4.5 will feature more skits and stunts, and some potential surprise guests. Earlier this year, Johnny Knoxville confirmed to Screen Rant that the movie would be “stacked” with unseen footage.

The movie will be released on May 20th exclusively on Netflix, while the original Jackass Forever is staying on Paramount+. A Blu-ray version of the movie was also released this week, featuring over 40 minutes of new footage and extended scenes.

As Rachel Wolfson told Uproxx earlier this year, “There’s a lot of stuff that you guys didn’t get to see that will be in 4.5 and I’m very excited for that to come out as well.” Wolfson was one of the newest members of the Jackass team, who was picked by Knoxville himself after he DMed her on Instagram. She was famously bitten on the lips by a scorpion and licked a taser. But that’s not all! “They got so much good content for this movie, that 4.5 will be such a great movie as well.”