Teen ‘Prophet’ Jaden Smith Is Working On A New Philosophy Book

Aristotle. Rene Descartes. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Add to this list Jaden “@officialjaden” Christopher Syre Smith, the newest pillar of philosophical thought. The teenaged son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and an actor in his own right, having already appeared in the likes of After Earth and The Karate Kid, has #blessed the grunting, unenlightened people crawling around this mudball with his transcendent thoughts via his Twitter account up until now. 140-character bursts have strained to carry the weight of his profundity, giving his illuminating genius the short shrift on too many occasions. Sure, tweets such as this manage to shoehorn a remarkable amount of provocative, life-affirming theorizing into a simple photo and its inscrutable caption, but the constraints of a tweet couldn’t possibly hold the Tao of Jaden forever.

And so the inevitable has come to pass, and Jaden Smith has landed a book deal for his philosophical writings. According to an exclusive from Us Weekly, Smith has inked a deal to pen a collection of essays, fancying himself a “modern-day prophet.” A friend of Smith’s is quoted as saying these new writings are “new takes on string theory and chaos theory, but more mystical,” and then, presumably, returning to their true form as a beam of white light.

Whether you think he’s the next messiah or just a weird little pseudo-profound kid who wore a white Batman costume to a wedding and won’t stop saying nonsensical things like this and this and this and this, you’ve got to concede that this is a wise career move. His collaborations on singles with Justin Bieber have brought him a considerable measure of fame and fortune, but I would be willing to pony up any sum of money asked of me just to see Jaden put in a room with Slavoj Zizek.