James Gunn’s Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Himself Dancing As Baby Groot Is Simply Delightful

The world’s a ball of stress right now with the novel coronavirus prompting organizers of live festivals and theater releases to postpone or cancel events. No one knows what to expect next in the U.S., and many are fearing for the worst, but James Gunn is here with a much needed distraction. Yes, he’s supplying us with some Baby Groot goodness from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, in which the Vin Diesel-voiced Flora colossus merrily danced while his fellow (adult-sized) Guardians battled an intergalactic monster. Many knew that Gunn performed the motion referencing for the entire dance scene, and he’s shared some footage on previous occasions, years ago, and he’s doing it again.

So, it’s not exactly fresh stuff, but it’s precisely the inconsequential pop culture fluff we need to see today. Here’s Gunn getting down for the part of the dance that you can see after 2:50 here. He’s clearly having the best time in the process.

Gunn claims — and I believe him! — that people continue to ask him questions about the motion referencing, so he’s simply supplying what the public demands. And the public demands to hear more about how Gunn was captured by dozens of cameras to the tune of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky.” Well, I’m hoping that these demands continue. At this point, the world could stand to be distracted by a feature-length documentary on the subject, right? Gunn probably can’t find time in his busy schedule (amid The Suicide Squad post-production and prepping for Guardians 3) to bring us a big-budgeted spinoff film of him dancing, but we can always dream.