James Gunn Says Yet Another Presumed-To-Be-Whacked Character From ‘The Suicide Squad’ Might Not Be Quite Dead

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Suicide Squad, which HBO Max subscribers can still watch until September 5.

The Suicide Squad — which is to say the recent, Will Smith-less sorta-sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad — kicked off with a bang: It whacked a good chunk of the cast before the opening credits even started. Even Pete Davidson! By the end, writer/director James Gunn backtracked a bit. In the end credits we learned that both Weasel and John Cena’s fascistic Peacemaker weren’t quite dead. (The latter, after all, has his own show to tend to.) But now Gunn’s revealed they aren’t the only two.

Gunn took to Twitter Monday to point out one detail many may have missed. “Important to note if you look at the life signals in the Comms hub TDK isn’t dead,” Gunn wrote, referring to the character played by Nathan Fillion: a superhero whose power is…detachable arms. He’s arguably the most WTF of the Squad this round, based on one of the most WTF characters in DC history. (The acronym, which Fillion’s character is loath to explain, stands for The Detachable Kid, though he’s also sometimes known as Arm Fall Off Boy.)

Indeed, if you look closely at the digital read-out on Amanda Walker’s computer, showing the life stats of each Squad member, TDK is one of the only ones that’s still green. His arms got pelted with machine gun fire, but the guy’s fate remained unresolved.

One person who did catch this bit was Fillion himself, when he went to go see the movie.

So have we seen the last of one of DC’s most curious characters? Possibly not.

(Via EW)