Jason Mantzoukas Reflects On All The Scumbags He’s Played Throughout His Career

You may know actor and comedian Jason Mantzoukas as Rafi from The League, or just “scumbag from that thing.” However, Mantzoukas is actually a pretty awesome and funny guy in real life. But he has played a lot of scumbags — a whole lot of scumbags. So many, that while promoting Dirty Grandpa (in which he plays a scumbag, naturally) on Late Night, Seth Meyers played a little game by going through Mantzoukas’ resume to see which of his acting credits were playing scumbags, and which were playing “an almost normal person.”

Of his various projects on the table were naturally the aforementioned The League (scumbag), Community (scumbag), The Night Before (Santa scumbag), Broad City, (rooftop DJ scumbag), Kroll Show (various scumbags), and Parks and Recreation (SUPER scumbag). In fact, the only project where he didn’t play an absolute scumbag was on Transparent, where his character is a — wait for it — drug dealer. But a drug dealer who is also “really nice” to the character he interacts with.

So out of Jason Mantzoukas’ entire acting catalog, his most sympathetic character is a drug dealer. I guess there are worse things to be typecast as. Like a pedo or someone who is mean to animals? In comparison that makes your garden variety scumbag look pretty respectable.