Ice Cube Buys Jean-Claude Van Damme’s $7.5 Million Home, Everyone Does The Splits

This has been a strange year. Just straight up, 2016 has been an odd year that has seen beloved celebrities pass away, a strange, divisive election season where nobody really seems happy or hopeful about anything and the hits just keep on comin’. So maybe it’s about time for some low key oddities to happen this year. What could be more strange than imagining interactions between beloved action star Jean-Claude Van Damme and famous rapper, producer and sometimes actor Ice Cube? Because the two just had a transaction that can only be described as one of the most Los Angeles things ever.

The LA Times reports that Jean-Claude Van Damme has sold his Marina Del Rey home to Ice Cube for a whopping $7.5 million. The house went up for sale a little over a year ago for a $10 million asking price before Ice Cube put in the offer for $7.5 million and walked away the happy owner of a six-bedroom, eleven bathroom 7,500 square foot home. Ice Cube will now enjoy amenities such as a glass elevator, a poured-concrete wine cellar, a home theater and gym in his new pad that sits on the Grand Canal.

It would only seem logical for Ice Cube to put in some sort of really sweet recording studio in this house and that there is a chance of some really important music being recorded in a place where Jean-Claude Van Damme did a ton of splits and crazy spin kicks while just chilling or entertaining guests. Interestingly enough, Van Damme originally bought the home back in 2011 for $6 million, meaning that “The Muscles From Brussels” turned a profit off of the house. Here’s to hoping that some sort of collaboration comes from this, even if it’s just an Ice Cube song for the upcoming Kickboxer remake.

(Via LA Times)