Jennifer Lawrence Was Told By Adele To Not Star In One Of Her Worst Movies

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most celebrated performers of her generation, with four Oscar nominations and one win to her name. But she’s also starred in some stinkers: Dark Phoenix (the most contractually obligated movie of all-time), the mop biopic Joy, the House at the End of the Street remake, etc. They can’t all be winners like Winter’s Bone, and no movie in her filmography is less like than Winter’s Bone than Passengers.

The ill-fated science-fiction movie is about a horny, lonely dude on a spaceship, played by Chris Pratt, who wakes up a female passenger (Lawrence) from induced hibernation 30 years into a 120-year journey, effectively killing her. Passengers was called “creepy and misogynistic” by critics, and one of Lawrence’s famous friends wasn’t a fan, either.

The actress told the New York Times that after the Hunger Games franchise wrapped up, she could sense her fans weren’t enjoying her post-Katniss films. “I was like, oh no, you guys are here because I’m here, and I’m here because you’re here. Wait, who decided that this was a good movie?” Was there one movie, in particular, that made her feel this way? “Passengers, I guess,” she said. “Adele told me not to do it! She was like, ‘I feel like space movies are the new vampire movies.’ I should have listened to her.”

That’s good advice, generally: listen to Adele.

Lawrence’s movie with Brian Tyree Henry, Causeway, hits Apple TV+ on November 4.

(Via the New York Times)