Jennifer Lawrence Reveals How She Coped With Her First Sex Scene With Chris Pratt

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The Hollywood Reporter released their annual actress roundtable discussion with some of the greatest actresses of our time: Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Jane Fonda, Carey Mulligan, Brie Larson, Helen Mirren, and Charlotte Rampling. Among the topics of conversation — which included the wage gap, finding work as an older actress, and fake peeing on camera — the women were asked if there was anything they wouldn’t do for a role, and if there was anything they’ve personally said “no” to onscreen.

While Jennifer Lawrence admits that she hasn’t turned down anything, citing having skinned an actual dead squirrel for Winter’s Bone, she did reveal that she just had her first film sex scene recently with Chris Pratt for their upcoming film Passengers. Despite the fact that Christ Pratt is super hunky now, she says that she was not a fan.

I got really, really drunk. But then that led to more anxiety when I got home because I was like, “What have I done? I don’t know.” And he was married. And it was going to be my first time kissing a married man, and guilt is the worst feeling in your stomach. And I knew it was my job, but I couldn’t tell my stomach that. So, I called my mom, and I was like, “Will you just tell me it’s okay?” It was just very vulnerable. And you don’t know what’s too much. You want to do it real, you want everything to be real, but then… that was the most vulnerable I’ve ever been.

It seems kind of crazy that Lawrence has only just now had her first sex scene in her relatively short yet prolific career as an actress. I suppose it never gets easier or less weird, but thankfully that’s what your good friend Johnnie Walker is for.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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