All The Times Jennifer Lawrence Conquered The Internet

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08.15.15 10 Comments

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Jennifer Lawrence has become such a fixture of conversation on the Internet that it is difficult to remember what we even talked about before she took Hollywood by storm in 2012. The economy? The state of the Third World? Who knows. Over a relatively short period of time, Lawrence has become a mega-star, Oscar winner, and unquestioned internet royal. Despite not being present on any social media, she can barely walk out of her door without being meme’d.

Luckily for us, Lawrence is so delightful that it doesn’t feel like an over-saturation. She’s at the top of many Dream Best Friend/Girlfriend lists, so people are interested in pretty much everything she does. While the “She’s such a relatable, normal girl! (except with a team of stylists, famous friends, a millions of dollars)”/”She’s Just like you! (not at all like you)” angle might be done to death, with Lawrence, it feels genuine. Sure, there are some calling for a JLaw backlash, but those detractors are few and far between. In honor of her 25th birthday, let’s revisit the most epic times when Jennifer Lawrence won the Internet.

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